CLUB-Q [クラブQ] BO-150 [本気で”男”ボコします150]

This is what the guy had to say after filming, “Compared to other production companies, the kicks to the balls were 100 times more painful.” Of course what do you expect? We had a Karate black belt, a Judo black belt and a girl who was formerly in the military! The speed of the kicks, the strength of the kicks, the mercilessness of these girls is unlike any other. The girl with amazing hand strength crushed the guys nuts with all of her might. Before long, he was fading out of consciousness.

そりゃそうだろう、空手黒帯!柔道黒帯!元自衛官!だもん。 蹴りの早さ!強さ!容赦なさが全然違うのだ。

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